Network for Mitros tenants

Recently I decided to join the network of tenants of the housing corporation I rent from. I was interested in organizing support for solar panels but because of my “IT background” the first thing they wanted me to do was to review two bids they had received for the build of a new system (inter / intra / extranet) they needed a.s.a.p.

After probing into the objectives of the board and the requirements they provided to the two organizations that made the bids it was clear to me this was not going to end well. Read More »

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RMS application [RuleManagement]

The rule management suite (RMS) is currently being used by a small number of specialized analysts for the translation of legal text (government legislation, policies, terms and conditions) into unambiguous rules used to develop software for the implementation of these rules. RuleManagement wished to extend the use of their innovative tool to more organizations and “roles” within each organization. Read More »

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NUtrecht [NUCultuur]

2010 • Freelance
The objective of the NUtrecht project is to create a stimulating environment for young creatives who want to start their own business.
My job was to design and develop a web site that would interest the targeted group of Millennials and sponsors for the project. This was achieved by featuring photographs, video’s and tweets from young creatives already participating in the project. Read More »

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We experience with our brains

In her book “Neuro Web Design: What makes them click?” Susan M. Weinschenk applies discoveries from brain science to our behavior on the Internet. And although it is focused on websites I would say a lot of it applies to the applications we use on our computers or phones as well. The book helped me to understand WHY many of the things I may have already read or observed about user experience were so. And I’m someone that always wants to know “why” (which drove my parents nuts). Read More »

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Does it matter what the iPad is for?

After we had all seen Jobs preach the gospel of the iPad and some of us had had the privilege of holding one, a lot of attention seemed to be directed to what it actually was (it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a super iPod!) and more importantly what it was for.
What struck me was that while the experts were trying to figure these things out iPads were selling like hot cakes. Read More »

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